Ozland Accomodation Services


Ozland offers three choices of accommodation options depending on how long you are planning to stay.

Temporary Accommodation

Available to all tertiary students arriving in Melbourne for the first time who wish to inspect the facilities of Ozland before making a genuine commitment or who need temporary accommodation before transferring to their permanent arrangement.

This style of accommodation is also available to parents and friends of new students or residents when they visit Melbourne.

Short Term Accommodation

Ozland provides residential accommodation for students undertaking short-term language course or Foundation programs.

Long Term Accommodation

Ozland provides first class residential accommodation ideal for both under graduate and postgraduate university students.

When getting on top of your studies and settling into a new environment is all that matters, accommodation at Ozland provides a first class, safe, secure and convenient residential accommodation alternative which allows you to be free from distraction.

All rates represents a cost per room. Rates include all monthly utility and installation charges including water, gas, electricity and telephone line rental.



Short Term

Long Term

Suitable for

Short-term course, such language course or foundation programs

Graduate and Post-graduate university students

Minimum length of stay

6 months contract

12 months contract

Rate start at

AU$ 190.00 per week

AU$ 180.00 per week

Terms And Conditions

- 2 weeks rent deposit per person required.
- Initial payment of AU$50 administration fee apply for short & long term accomodation.

Weekly rate may be higher for certain rooms

Download the Residential Tenancy Agreement.
Download the Terms of Agreement.



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